Wednesday, January 29, 2003

The Culture Group Of Homosexuals In Ýzmir

üHeterosexism which is the indispensable sexual orientation as an obstinated society model in basic, has already entered every inch of our lives. Because of the heterosexist treatments, a person who’s not even gay is killed in Brazil every three-day time and the killer remains unknown and in Iran the gays are destroyed by the government’s hand. All over the world the clinic psychiatrists pretend to be scientists and do what they can as if they’re healing the gays. A numberless amount of gays commit suicide just because of the dominated pressure they suffer from in heterosexual community and a big part of them continue their lives in lonesome, misery and depression.
üHeterosexism not only absorb the gays and destroy them, but also makes the lives of heterosexuals kind of living hells. Every year hundreds of young girls commit suicide and men get punished of honour-based crimes because of the patriarchal heterosexist harrassments. For these reasons gays isolate themselves and can’t get socialised. Some gays go their own ways, living through gay bars and cafes, thinking they’re absolutely free but pathetically misled by the heterosexist system and as a result they’re already far thrown away the reality of the gay thing.
üHomosexuality isn’t something like a weekend fantasy or some kind of bourgeoisic sickness as it’s claimed to be, or a psychotic life style. It’s kinda existence as mentally, ideally and sexually. It’s totally up to humanity and it belongs to human. The base of the prejudices and wrong definitions about homosexuality is supported by the desire of destruction of the again patriarchal heterosexual mentality. The gays who are marked with pink triangles by Hitler and the gays who’ve been destroyed by Hortum Süleyman in Ülker Sokak are the same victims. The history is full of such massacres.
üThe only way to defend this perception which has turned our lives to nightmares and our life styles to crap is to say “here we are now!”. We’re here in Izmir, some gays and straights, gaining our power from this source and stepping our first steps on behalf of kinda humanity duty. We know that we can only be free if we want to. We refuse the bedroom freedom and we wanna be free everywhere, every time and in every condition, and live ourselves. We don’t want our will of freedom to be legitimated; we want self _expression.
üThat’s why we invite every one who’s gay or not to support us, defend with us, discuss and produce among us. Hope we have our voice echoed over there. Hope we all become free one day.